Who Are We

Mortgages, Loans, & Finance.

Who are we?

1st For Funding is a trading name of 1st For Group LTD.
We act as a broker to assist in the application for finance, insurance, and property services.
We provide a wide range of services to assist in the application for specialist finance products, giving our clients access to lenders from all sectors.
By providing our services, we aim to remove the stress and delays often associated with funding applications and benefit from our lenders quick decisions, unique funding products.

Are we authorised to arrange finance?

1st For Group LTD is a broker, not a lender.
Our panel of finance providers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and can be searched on the FCA website at: https://register.fca.org.uk/

Do you offer independent financial advice?

We are not independent financial advisors and as such, are unable to provide you with independent financial advice.

How do you help with finance?

1st For Funding can introduce you, directly or through a specialist credit broker who may be able to offer you or your business finance. We work with a large number of active lenders within all sectors of the finance market to greatly increase the speed and acceptance of your application.
Finance is arranged subject to status, terms and conditions and we cannot guarantee that your finance application will be approved, but we will keep you informed throughout your application process.

Sounds good, but how much do I pay for your service?

You do not make any payment directly to us for our services, as our costs are covered by the funder or broker for introducing you to them.

We use your information to obtain quotes from funders and brokers, process applications and ensure that the products are correctly matched to your circumstances and requirements. Funders and brokers may also conduct additional searches with one or more credit reference agencies. As a result of a credit check being performed, this may appear on your credit file logged by organisations with whom you have not dealt with directly. We share personal information collected with fraud protection agencies who will use it to prevent fraud and money laundering and verify your identity.

Further details about how your data will be used by us, funders, brokers and fraud prevention agencies, along with your data rights, can be found within our privacy policy. Prior to any of your information being submitted for any application of finance, you will be provided with our full data protection privacy policy.

Were very easy to contact should you need to speak with us: 01407 290480